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tv   [untitled]    December 13, 2011 8:00pm-8:30pm EST

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markets why not. why not what's really happening to the global economy with my extremes are a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report. i talk about personal liberty in the right to people's personal life are getting stopping these wars and coming home and having a sensible monetary policy the republican field house seen its share of changes throughout the years but ron paul's message has always been the same and his popularity is on the rise so are people standing behind this texan doctor or the ideology he stands for will take a look at ron paul the man the man the presidential contender. you won't even know what the objective of the euros is it for you i'm breaking up is hard to do but if it were up to nigel farage that's exactly what the e.u. would be doing and he isn't afraid to tell leaders to stick it where the sun don't
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shine will speak to the u.k. independence party leader himself. and it's a bird it's a plane no it's a predator drone but this isn't afghanistan it's north dakota and police forces are looking for terrorists they're spying on your neighbors welcome to the police usa. today december thirteenth eight pm in washington d.c. i'm liz wall and you're watching r.t. . well as the race to be the next republican presidential nominee heats up a new winner is emerging the mainstream media tries to ignore him as his positions are certainly not mainstream ron paul now gaining momentum in the g.o.p. race paul has always had his steady base of followers but he's struggled to surpass a temper. sense in a way
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a poll released this evening shows paul is now second in second place he's at twenty one percent just one point behind newt gingrich at romney has dropped down to third place so with his rise in the polls ron paul is stepping up his game in iowa he's outspending his rivals in advertising in the state take a look at this brutal commercial targeting gingrich with a career politician selling access here in washington d.c. the year that he ran for congress nine hundred seventy eight he made a grand total of ten thousand dollars by the time he became the speaker he made six hundred seventy five thousand dollars from the last congress but is a net worth up to about seven and a half million dollars. it's about serial hypocrisy and that's a quite a different approach than what he took back in two thousand and eight i'm ron paul candidate for president and i approve this message well i don't always agree with
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ron paul but he's honest and you always know where he's actually agree with most of the time i really do he wants to get out of iraq pronto cut government spending protect personal privacy personal freedom live for you. i'm going to vary but i'm going to go over public and vote for oh i'm going to vote for him so he's obviously kicking it up a notch now with his recent surge in the polls and aggressive campaign has the time come for the mainstream to take paul seriously are people finally getting his message and could he realistically be the next president of the united states tell me answer all these questions and more is the cofounder of a ron paul swag tres dinette welcome. so ron paul he's always had his loyal base of followers but he's gaining more supporters this time around who is now jumping on the paul train. i think it's it's a ton of people myself included in two thousand and eight i personally did not
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endorse one paul was actually a fan of mike huckabee and ended up voting for for john mccain when it came when it came time for the election so ron's base is has really broadened quite a bit i personally have witnessed dozens of people who have converted over from being in mainstream or some people call a new conservative republican to being a more founding father minded or constitutionally minded concert and what is happening now that we are seeing this in this transition like yourself people that traditionally were more conservative republicans and are now turning to ron paul and a more libertarian ideology. you know ron paul is pretty amazing in his uniqueness as a candidate running on the g.o.p. . bill the thing is with with iran it's not so much the man as it is the ideas he didn't have very much charisma he's he's rather old compared to some of his
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contenders so when people like myself are were looking at iran in two thousand and eight we saw a french candidate but as time began to pass and we start to see some of the things that he spoke about on the two thousand a g.o.p. debate stage the economic collapse that was looming especially in the housing market as well as the dilution of the u.s. dollar by the federal reserve it began to ring true i think with more and more people who consider themselves to be mainstream like myself that maybe this guy isn't so crazy as as we were actually thought maybe we just haven't looked into things as deeply as we should and as you mentioned what's fascinating is here we have the the old if candidate garnering much of the youth about i want to show this clip here's what ron paul had to say a while back about this phenomenon. the question is why why would it be i assume it's because of the similarity in the age of the two candidates that young people are attractive to us and so is
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a what is it about ron paul that draws in young people and this is the demographic that some say is responsible for helping to get obama elected into office and could he be taking obama's youth vote. well there's definitely a lot of vigor among the young young supporters for ron paul young political activists across the country have been gathering at these occupy wall street protests as well the tens of thousands of people as you mentioned that showed up for for obama's gatherings but ron paul is able to garner that same support because he isn't a a man sharing candidate he isn't your average republican g.o.p. contributor who's just trying to serve establishment as best he can so that he can get his extra three percentage points over the next guy ron paul is running on very sound principles he's running on the philosophy and rather than running on a party ticket sure he signed up as a republican and i think that although you can garner much of the republican base
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it's going to be the independents and the young people who may not have really decided whether they want to belong to the republican party the democrat party but they hear this this one guy who's talking about the things that really ring true with them the fact that there's tons of unemployment in our friends and our family they see that there's tons of kids who they graduate or don't even finish graduating college with tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars of tuition debt we're going into this job market that just doesn't have a place for us and i think what we see is both a broken economy as well as many of our friends myself included who have who have witnessed very close friends of vendors who has passed away or or been killed at the hands of. our government by sending them off to war so you have this one candidate who he may not be young you may not be the most charismatic he may not look like barack obama but he says what we want to hear and he's giving us what we ask for which is a candidate is going to return us to the constitution isn't it give my generation a fighting chance to actually see some prosperity in our nation and maybe just
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maybe see the united states persist throughout the next century and you know paul ron paul has consistently maintained have anti war methods calling for the u.s. to stop acting as the world's policeman do you think they have antiwar math a.j. is resonating today with more and more americans and if so why. well i think that it's not that more americans have come to discover the doctor or not that so much that that ron paul has changed his message which is that more republicans and more americans in general have come to scupper that that what ron's message is is right whether or not we supported the wars as i did i supported both the iraq war and the war in afghanistan for reasons that i probably collected on fox news and i'm jala it's. we've come to discover that ron's idea nonintervention isn't really makes a lot of sense plus the amount of information that is being able to be garnered by the average voter on the internet has grown tremendously through the efforts of
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many different online independent media places outlets like your own it is just it's a different game i'm not watching television not watching fox news to find out that the war in iraq has been fought because it's maybe some nuclear weapons that saddam hussein may be hiding under a palace but rather that it's a blowback situation from our own intervention in the seventies and eighties in that part of the world things that people of my generation don't even know about because it's not schools and it's not on the media this this idea of blowback when it comes to our foreign interventions in our foreign affairs i think it's not over most people so it's not so much that iran has to change to pick up the votes just that people are waking up the beginning to open their eyes they see that this recession is persisting despite the inflationary moves of the fed to try and pump money into the economy through stimulus or through open window lending is just it's not working so we're looking for a solution and young people i think the majority of the country's tired of these
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wars we're tired of the wars on countries we're tired of the words and ideas tactics and drugs and you know poverty it's too much for a central government to try and take on although as a as a christian and as any social conservative in my own wife i do wish to speak certain means in society progress. yes and certain that sex of society not to be as prevalent but the idea that we can force them through the use of the federal government's power i think more and more people are beginning to not only realize it's not a good idea but that it's actually not possible and just want to ask you lastly ron paul certainly he fats and cell apart from the other candidates and he had this really deep loyal following what is it about ron paul what does he thimble live with. i think to to try and put it in the most the same terms. ron paul symbolizes revolution he's giving us an opportunity
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without war without bloodshed without fighting to be able to go back to our founding principles to be able to find something better in this world better in this country than what we have now which is a return to this principle idea that the most holy grails is that of liberty and if we're not seeking it we're not constantly trying to find liberty as the base for loss of the for all the decisions that our government makes then what are the decisions being made on the idea that you can make policies without a philosophy. i think many people they made here to that but it comes from their own willful ignorance they're not looking into it if you're not choosing based off a philosophy you're choosing based on some trait thank you so much for weighing in on that with co-founder of ron paul swag. the net thank you. well as the presidential race heats up in the u.s.
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rhetoric over the eurozone crisis is also at an all time high and the black sheep of the e.u. is shaking things up even more this after u.k. prime minister david cameron vetoed a treaty dreamed up by germany's nor cal and france's sarkozy the treaty was designed to save the euro the currency that is now on the brink of collapse but the u.k. is the only country of the twenty seven e.u. members to vote against the proposal cameron argues that the treaty takes an unprecedented amount of power away from the individual countries to brussels and he doesn't want to be a part of it while one leader of the u.k. never wanted to have any part of the euro to begin with nigel for aaja leader of the u.k. independence party thinks the euro project is a disaster and he's afraid to let his and he's not afraid to let his colleagues know just how he feels you won't. know but if the objective measure the euro is it for you i do is actually responsible who isn't shown out of you lot
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one of those you don't or is not of you because none of you have the elected none of you actually have any democratic legitimacy for the role that you currently hold within this crisis so what is next for the u.k. and their involvement in the e.u. and what does it mean for the eurozone and the global economy well the man himself nigel fragile was here earlier to talk to me more about this i asked him if a split in the e.u. is inevitable here is his take. it's happened already i think i think it happened in the early hours of last friday morning where the united kingdom a country of sixty two million people one of the really big players in the european community for the last nearly four decades found herself hopelessly isolated abused by everybody. i don't think there is any going back from well cameron's decision certainly it was not a popular one at least among his fellow members of the e.u.
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. do you think that he is has alienated himself from from members of the. cameron is somebody who is naturally a fairly gentle consensus politician he likes to be popular he likes to side up to agreements he went along last thursday with what he thought were very reasonable practical demands so that the united kingdom which has a very big financial services industry could get some degree of protection for that industry and he went into those negotiations assuming that he get what he else for what he was confronted by was a snarling aggressive french president in sarkozy who just said we will not bend we will not yield in any way and we insist that the financial transaction tax stays now what would have meant is a new tax eighty percent of which would have been paid by the u.k. if cameron that signed up to that and gone back to the house of commons it
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literally would have brought down the british government and so he was forced into a position where he simply had to say no now nigel you from the very beginning have have questioned the u.k. as membership in the e.u. do you think now more than ever the u.k. is a membership it is being scrutinised and it's becoming more of a reality that there will be this is a breaking point and there will be this separation. well i think so and i've i've tried to argue over many many years that either you're fully in the e.u. or you're fully out of the you and the compromise over that period of time is people have like to believe that we can be in europe but not run by europe i think that myth died in those early hours of friday morning because we now find ourselves in a position where we're outvoted by twenty six to one we're in a hopeless minority and yet we still have seventy five percent of our laws that run
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the united kingdom made in these institutions and in particular the industry that cameron sought to protect our financial services are now more vulnerable than ever so i think that cameron not wishing to do this has now opened up the real debate in the u.k. about our european future and i suspect that over the coming months the calls for britain to have a referendum on our continued membership of the union will become very loud and very strong indeed and i know that you describe the euro as a sort of economic prison why do you say that. well imagine i mean put yourself in the place of a greek right now whether you vote at the next general election for a socialist party or a conservative party or liberal party for that matter it makes no difference because your tax rates your spending rates all of these things are now determined by three foreign officials one from the european commission one from the european
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central bank and one from the i.m.f. who i'm afraid of turned into an organization who exists to back up this euro project if you cannot change your destiny or your future by the way you vote you are trapped inside something that is now forcing upon you austerity measures massive cuts in public spending without the compensation of a currency the can devalue because your economy is not doing very well i think my definition of an economic prism is pretty accurate you know but some people say that if there is to be there's a breakdown if one country in the euro zone comes down it will kind of result in this disaster is a domino effect that will lead to a global economic crisis and be as far reaching as the u.s. i mean what would the breakdown of the euro mean for the people. well don't forget that politicians will always defend the status quo they will always tell you that
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if what we have now doesn't continue to exist the sky will fall in they'll be famine floods pestilence and it'll all be a complete disaster we've seen this before many times over the years the reality is that the breakdown of the euro in the short term would be tough because many many european banks would go bust and probably have to be nationalized but as we've seen with iceland who back in two thousand and eight let some of their banks go bust accepted the situation three years on they going back to growth i think the biggest threat we face now in europe is to keep countries like greece and portugal and ireland and possibly even spain and italy to trapped inside an economic prison stripped of their democracy i mean literally the governments of greece and italy were removed by these bully boys in brussels the bigger threat is they stay inside this thing and they die a slow economic death and they finish up with unemployment figures that are so high
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that there is even a risk that europe returns to extremism and maybe even fascism so let's get the bad news out of the way let's have the breakdown and you know what a few months on the world see very it will seem very much rosier and today the the euro plunged to the lowest levels there ever is this another sign that the euro is finished. what has been very odd over the last year one of the great mysteries has been why is the euro so relatively strong on the exchanges versus the dollar versus sterling versus the yam and the reason of course is being that the markets have been pricing in that the weak current says and places like greece and portugal would bust out leaving a stronger coal so the market's a price that it and that's why the euro stayed so strong what is now happening and we've seen it with standard and poor's we're about to see it with moody's is that the effect of those weak economies is now dragging down even the strong economies
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in northern europe like germany but like fronts and so we're now facing the real problem that not just the south of europe is being damaged by the euro but even the strong german economy has been damaged by two and i i'm concerned that now the euro was started to move downwards it could continue to go down at quite a rapid pace so it sounds like the countries just need to bite the bullet and it might get worse before it gets better but what needs to happen is that the split needs to happen. yes admit the truth admit that the euro was never an economic project it was always a political project it was a means as people in strasburg in brussels or of creating a united states of europe better to admit they've got it wrong that the fundamentals are so divergent that it can't possibly work better to break the eurozone up in an orderly fashion if they don't the markets will overwhelm this now
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cameron not popular among members of the e.u. after he voted against the treaty but his poll numbers within the u.k. have risen sense he decided to vote against the treaty do you think that this is a sign that people's attitudes towards the euro have changed that they're ready to part ways with it. oh without any shadow of a doubt i mean look the british came into the european project after the french and germans and the italians we were we were in that kind of second wave we got into it because we were promised it would be a common market rather like nafta if you like we were told it was about free trade we were told our sovereignty our politics would not be threatened we find ourselves now thirty six years into a project that is costing us a daily membership fee of fifty million pounds a day that is now making seventy five percent of our laws that is drowning us with
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health and safety environmental and employment regulations that damage every business in britain we find our own unique city of london something we're very very good at now directly threatened by a whole raft of e.u. regulations and directives and frankly what the british people say is look let's be friends with europe let's trade with europe let's cooperate with them but let's be a global player let's get our democracy back and let's govern our own country and that view is now supported amongst the british people by a margin of nearly two to one and as you just mentioned and all these consequences and repercussions that that london has faced as a result of being part of the e.u. are britain the only ones that feel that they are being short changed by the e.u. or is this sentiment being felt by other members. no i think there are resentments now building up in other member states i mean take finland for example albeit a relatively small country in terms of population in their general election back in
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april this year a policy that wants finland to leave the euro and to stop contributing to the bailout funds for southern europe nearly won the general election the same thing is happening in the netherlands and right across the north of europe we are seeing new political movements springing up saying look we are unhappy with what the established order is down there costing us a fortune their policies are failing and they're stripping us of democracy and you know democracy matters because it's a safety valve you may not like the government that is relieving your country today but you promise to get rid of them and replace them with somebody else when you take that away all you leave people with is civil. action taking to the streets and that consume breakdown into civil disorder we have seen in greece in the last few months hundreds of thousands of people out almost treats protesting because their democracy has been stripped for them out above all that's what i want
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to fight for i want to europe of democratic sovereign states trading together not one run by these i will actually be a regret and that was member of the european parliament and leader of the u.k. independence party nigel for ads. shifting gears now to how the u.s. it may be moving in the direction of becoming a police state now we've heard about drones being used in the middle east most recently in iran sees a u.s. drone accused of spying on the country but now reports that predator drones are being used on american citizens on u.s. soil this video pretty much sums it all up. nelson county north dakota sure tell young q. was looking for six missing child approached them before but three or brought two brothers chase them away don't you call the highway patrol swat team a bald one and a predator drone operated by u.s. customs border protection the drug was uses available property and sold abroad for brothers were observed to be in our business want to do business to make the rest
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yes that really happened in undermanned a multimillion dollar drone was reportedly used to help local police track down stolen cows and their owners so what is happening in the u.s. and is this a sign of things to come well to get some answers to these questions and more i was joined by the always outspoken alex jones ask him i asked him why in the world are police in north dakota using drones to spy on u.s. citizens here's what he had to say. well that's because this is their prime enemy and prime target our country has been taken over by goldman sachs the same folks who've taken over europe they publicly are are setting up a system where the entire military industrial complex is used against the people and the internal law enforcement manuals that i've gotten from law enforcement the last decade but especially the last few years none of that is about al qaeda that our government's given control of libya to it's all about land rights activist
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second amendment activist property rights activist and now under the department of defense there's the rural affairs council and the t.n. governor's council and in the training and this is public it is all about having an all out civil war with laurel populations who are going to give their property up under the rural council so of course hundreds of miles inside the us you know they won't use the predator drones on the illegals coming across the border but they will on citizens who under common law kells keep coming on your property for the damage and things you are able to keep and that's common law that's state law and the fact is that in without a warrant they came on the property and they said hey get out of here you don't have a warrant and they had firearms in their vehicles so they called in. air force vehicle and this is a multi-million dollar system they used to kill people worldwide and why is it happening when they pass the in da that ron paul is called martial law in america
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here in the u.s. a few weeks ago when they passed that it says the whole world not just the u.s. can have predators over it dropping bombs on them so it's a declaration of war an end of posse comitatus troops on the streets and says they can kill u.s. citizens disappear u.s. citizens it isn't a police state it's beyond a police state it's something more like north korea and do you think alex that this is a sign of things to come this cross from using cars drones are typically used in the middle leave you know on terrorists do you think that this could be the beginning of more instances like this where where we've seen predator drones being used on u.s. citizens. yes north com based in colorado springs colorado is the real government and they get out of state as a battlefield for at least a decade they're just announcing now what they always planned i mean i knew nine years ago we were going to have t.s.a. checkpoints people laugh but i watch c.-span i read the documents i made a public now they have t.s.a.
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checkpoints with the army and marines in states all over the us and you pull up in the middle of the countryside and there's highway checkpoints with cops dragging you out of the car under the orders of t.s.a. that they have marine corps running dui checkpoints to make it sound like good p.r. they're just getting everybody ready for the i mean army times stars and stripes three years ago shed homeland brigade brigade homeland was the headline preparing to pull triggers on american citizens and i'm leaving the military public they are training i've been to the drills where they train to go door to door confiscating our firearms arresting political dissidents what came to russia what came of nazi germany what came to china what's come to every other country classical authoritarianism is now coming here and the drones that we pay for are going to be used against us not when there's a bank robbery not a liquor store gets robbed not when your house gets invaded but when you are that
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rural gun owner the entire posture of the pentagon is literally sick to wage war on self-sufficient country boys as hank williams song a country boy can survive you can skin a buck you could run a trot line the law enforcement is obsessed with it because y.a.y. parlay it is where all farmers are what danger today. why did stalin target them in ukraine why did hitler go after a rural areas they don't want you being self-sufficient they want you in the artificial big cities the artificial habitat that they've basically shut up their control grids and you've got the middle of nowhere you'll be in country towns with homeland security cameras everywhere helicopters flying over because i've been telling people this is coming in the rural areas because i've talked to the police they are scared of people that are self-sufficient and who they know are going to turn their guns in when they're ordered to. and that was a raid.


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